What We Do

Our Services Include:

- Grooming

- Bathing

- De-Shedding

- Nail Trimming

- Ear Cleaning

- Anal Gland Expression

- Demating

- Flea & Tick Prevention

- Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning

- Tooth Brushing

- Vaccine Clinics

- Pet Boutique



We offer a variety of service to help maintain your dog or cat’s well being.  From simple nail trims to full grooms, our professionally trained staff will take care of your pet’s needs.  Over the years, we have found and use the best pet product offered today, from all natural shampoos to state of the art equipment, we don’t sacrifice our quality of grooming.  

We are all about quality here at Sunset Pet Grooming Spa & Wellness Center and we only book the number of dogs our staff can handle.  We believe that our quality far outweighs quantity.  

Grooming prices

Walk- ins subject to availability