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Bienvenidos to Sunset Pet Grooming & Boutique


Llamando originalmente Rover the Rainbow in 1987, el salon ha estado aqui por los ultimos 30 años! Fue votado el mejor Salón 





Established originally as Rover the Rainbow in 1987, the grooming salon has been in business for more than 30 years! It was voted “Best Groomer in Fort Lauderdale” by the South Florida Business Journal.   We have expanded our services and now we offer health services with the know-how of Sunset Animal Hospital.  Also it is adding a boutique section.  Our new name Sunset Pet Grooming and Boutique.



Our mission is to provide to the Fort Lauderdale area the best alternative pet health service in town.  We are Pet Professionals, with experience in animal care.  


Sunset Animal Hospital has been servicing the Major Fort Lauderdale area (City of Sunrise) since 1986, and under Dr. Cristina Polit's management since 2013.  We strive to provide great customer service, and we maintain a high standard level of Medicine!.


As of 2019, We have been granted a license to operate in the City of Fort Lauderdale and now we in our Fort Lauderdale location we are not only offering Grooming Services but, we are also offering Veterinary Services.  To start our vaccines clinics will be held on Fridays, and we will expand as we increase our customer base.  You can also call in to have a technician wellness appointment, You can call our numbers to book your appointment, or walk in!


Our Story

Sunset Animal Hospital is our parent company and we decided to add grooming to offer our clients an extra service that our pets need so they can get pampered.

What We Do

- Flea & Tick Prevention

- Tooth Brushing

- Grooming

- Bathing

- De-Shedding

- Nail Trimming

- Ear Cleaning

- Anal Gland Expression

- Demating

Opening Hours!

          Mon           Closed

          Tue    8:00 am  -  4:00 pm

           Wed  8:00 am  -  4:00 pm

           Thu    8:00 am  -  4:00 pm

            Fr      8:00 am  -  4:00 pm

           Sat     8:00 am  -  4:00 pm

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